Fake Tornado Photograph Falsely Attributed to Boy Scout Camp Storm

Update 05/01/11:  The same photograph is now making the rounds as having originated in the Alabama Outbreak of April 28, 2011.  As you’ll read below, this is untrue.  This photograph seems to make the rounds following every significant outbreak.  For some truly astounding images that actually originated from the 2011 Alabama outbreak, click here. — […]

Global Warming May Reduce Hurricane Frequency

In further research supporting the hypothesis that global warming may reduce damage from hurricanes, NOAA published a preview of upcoming research today (Warmer Ocean Could Reduce Number of Atlantic Hurricane Landfalls). New research indicates that increased ocean temperatures will, as expected, increase wind shear over the oceans which in turn, may reduce the number of […]

2007: A Year of Extremes?

The AP recently ran a piece looking back on the Weather of 2007. The article included many of the stories that made headlines throughout the year, from the Australian drought to the drought in the Southeast US, the Arctic sea ice, and others. The article focused on the extremes that were reached: record highs, precipitation […]