Crazy Ideas to Combat Global Warming?

Crazy indeed. This AP report (Crazy ideas to combat global warming) needs to be saved so that people can laugh even harder when they look back at how bonkos this country has become for global warming:

Crazy-sounding ideas for saving the planet are getting a serious look from top scientists, a sign of their fears about global warming and the desire for an insurance policy in case things get worse.

How crazy?

There’s the man-made “volcano” that shoots gigatons of sulfur high into the air. The space “sun shade” made of trillions of little reflectors between Earth and sun, slightly lowering the planet’s temperature.

The forest of ugly artificial “trees” that suck carbon dioxide out of the air. And the “Geritol solution” in which iron dust is dumped into the ocean.

“Of course it’s desperation,” said Stanford University professor Stephen Schneider. “It’s planetary methadone for our planetary heroin addiction. It does come out of the pessimism of any realist that says this planet can’t be trusted to do the right thing.”

This one is so good, you just have to read it all. Try to gloss over the dollar figures that have already been spent on these concepts or else you’re likely to get very sad or angry or both.


To the editor:I certainly am not an expert on global warming, but I do believe we should use our natural resources wisely, do as little damage as possible and encourage others to do the same.

However, I am perplexed by some of the superrich who seem to be the biggest users of the offending items, laying a guilt trip on us while seeming to change little, if any, themselves.

My picture of this scenario is that of a 300-pound man with a chocolate bar in each hand hidden behind him, lecturing a 175-pound man about how bad it is for him to finish his milkshake.

Would it not be more effective for Those who can help most, and most quickly, to do so and then challenge us to follow?

A fund should be started to raise money to send 10,000 rockets packed with dry ice shot to the sun. If mankind can now turn the thermostat of the sun up or down this should work. should be willing to pulicize the project featuring Al Gore in an new presentation about: “A Convieniet Solution to An Inconvienient Truth”.

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