Weather Channel Founding Meteorologist Slams Station

twc.jpgIn a scathing review of how far off track the Weather Channel has gone from it’s original, well-intentioned mission, its first “Director of Meteorology” laments the loss in a piece he recently published online:

It has taken a turn in recent years to being more and more part time weather and part-time “Discovery Channel”. Now with Forecast Earth, advocacy and hype have replaced down to earth real-time weather coverage and forecasting. You don’t get weather when you need it anymore, just when they choose to give it to you. A few years back, they were embarrassed when an outbreak of tornadoes had people tuning to The Weather Channel and finding a special about growing flower bulbs in Holland.

After chronicling specific instances of the skewing of climate change data to the benefit of the alarmist viewpoint, Joe D’Aleo goes on to summarize many meteorologist’s viewpoint of how the channel has morphed over the last couple of decades:

Most people I know in the business of weather say TWC has become unwatchable. I sadly could not agree more.

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I wonder how long the Weather Channel can sustain this broadcast model. Things are changing quickly in all markets and many stations have made changes long ago to reflect the effect of the Internet. Will be interesting to see what changes are in store for the The Weather Channel.

Darrell Kirk
Tornado Witness Radio

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