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I have photo’s of the Undulus Asperatus that was over Clever Missouri on June 7th. That event was absolutely amazing. I would like to send them to you if you are interested. Bryan

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All reports on cloud streets should be removed from all sites , not least this one . Pictures and information on cloud streets is an attempt to cover up “”man made weather modification programs”” , carried out throughout the globe.
Cloud streets are a “”cop out”” report to cover up covert weather modification and weather control, that is creating weather changes with extreme damage caused to many countries for some years now.

Think outside the box , look at your sky , test your soil PH levels , test rain water for polutants, and watch the documentary “”WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING”” you will discover””” it is you””” !! So get real get informed and trust only your gut feelings not those in power.

Street clouds !! = bogus nonsence !!

It could be escaped if there was no sabotage of “scientists” such as dr. J.Wurman from cswr and dr. Chuck Doswell.

As an engineer the question of the effect of wind turbine electricity generation on atmospheric air movements and subsequent loss of atmospheric energy has troubled me for some years. It appears to me that the overwhelming need to produce cheep electricity has overtaken any sense regarding the final effect to planetary energy transformation.
This applies not only to air movements but also energy accumulated from tidal restrictions, wave power generators and losses to the planet of solar energy from the use of power cells.
By removing the energy that the Earth generates within its own ecology we will directly effect the movement of the energy through many different ecosystems and ultimately destroy them or change them dramatically enough that they no longer suit our needs.
It is just common sense really. The real problem is the number of people demanding power from these finite sources and the issue will only be exacerbated further with time and population increase.
We need to work models that look at predictive effect based on the use of many types of power generation in unison so we may derive the most effective groups of power generation systems that together cause the least effect, however, at the moment it just seems to be a free for all to generate electricity without the thought or collaboration between companies and countries. This will be disastrous if continued.
I wish I had the funding and equipment to forecast the effects, I believe the world would be surprised, amazed and frightened at the results.
Nick Sarahs

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