Before & After: Stunning Street Views of Joplin Tornado Damage

Before and after photos of Joplin, Mo., have been floating around the Internet since the tornado swept through on Sunday — including satellite photos of the center of town.

Photographers on the ground have captured similarly-stunning photographs, including Aaron Fuhrman.   He shared several on-the-ground photographs which he shared with NPR, who then combined these photos with screen grabs from Google street view, resulting in the interactive images below.

Click and drag the slider left and right to reveal the impact the EF-5 tornado had on the region.

Grand Avenue:

East 24th Street:

East 24th Street and South Pennsylvania Avenue:

Satellite Photographs over Joplin High School:



It could be escaped if there was no sabotage of “scientists” such as dr. J.Wurman from cswr and dr. Chuck Doswell.

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