China may attempt to alter weather for Olympics

chinaolympics.jpegIt will likely come as no surprise to most followers of China’s handling of the upcoming Olympic Games, but a Chinese metoeorologist confirmed recently that the nation may attempt to alter weather patterns if they are slated to negatively impact the games:

“Although it is an emergency measure, the meteorological administration has made serious preparations on artificially influencing the weather,” administration official Chen Zhenlin told reporters.Speaking at a press conference on weather forecasting, Chen said meteorologists had been carrying out experiments on artificial weather modification since 2003, particularly tests on reducing rainfall.

“For example, if there are clouds that produce light rain, artificial weather modification could bring results,” Chen said.

But he said that meteorologists did not have effective defences against heavy rainfall.

Olympic host city Beijing has been hit by rain and thick smog over the past few weeks — raising concerns that the bad weather could continue into next month. The Summer Games begin on August 8.


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