Family of Tornado Victim Settles Lawsuit against Homebuilder

The home in Rogers, Minnesota where Jaymi Wendt, 10, was killed the evening of September 16, 2006 when a tornado struck the neighborhood.
The home in Rogers, Minnesota where Jaymi Wendt, 10, was killed the evening of September 16, 2006 when a tornado struck the neighborhood. Credit:

The family of a girl who was killed the evening a tornado struck Rogers, Minnesota (Family of Minnesota Tornado Victim Suing Homebuilder), has now settled their lawsuit against the homebuilder out-of-court.  10-year-old Jaymi Wendt was killed on Sept. 16, 2006 in a neighbor’s home that collapsed during the storm. Her family blamed the death on improper construction of the home – particularly, improper installation of anchor bolts designed to keep the home attached to the foundation.  The office of Judge Deborah Hedlund confirmed that the suit was settled out of court on terms that would not be publicly disclosed.

Tim Marshall, a storm damage expert who was retained by the plaintiffs stated that this house was “the only one in the neighborhood that was pushed off its foundation and collapsed.”

Marshall also stated that “close examination revealed anchor bolts were not embedded deep enough into the concrete masonry foundation, so they were standing too tall to properly secure the nuts and washers. Other anchor bolts were missing nuts and washers needed to secure the sill plates.”

The damage, according to Marshall, was consistent with the improper installation of the sill bolts.  “The house was pushed to the north and collapsed on its walk out basement. The second story remained with vinyl siding, soffits, and roof shingles still intact. The garage doors were pushed inward and were lying on top of the vehicles that had been parked in the garage. The air conditioner and wood porch deck remained nearby. The roof of the garage flew off to the northeast and came to rest upright with shingles and roof vents still attached.”


Are there anybody in USA, who will Settle Lawsuit against NSF, CSWR, NSSL and other organizations?They waste lot of tax payers money for useless programs such as Vortex 2. Without any positive idea on tornados nature. In time when mystery of tornado is disclosed at all. And researcers like dr. Joshua Wurman informed about it 3 years ago! But they ignores that messages at all. They have no interested in opportunity to warn potential victims about 2 hours before tornado strikes. Even more, possibility to protect townships against that strike completely as unit! Because of theys ambition and love public money!

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George – judging from the looks of your mis-use of the English language and its rules pertaining to grammar, I think any grant money that was spent on your education was wasted.

George – Clearly you lack of knowledge about not only grammar but weather as well. Saying that Predicting a tornado will happen in an exact neighborhood 2 hours prior is extremely ignorant… I just so happen to live in Minnesota and am a storm chaser as well… I remember this storm as it happened to be about 20 minutes from my house. Not only were tornado warnings in place but a tornado watch was issued this day as well… With all that aside the story and clearly the findings of the case were such that the home builder was negligent which has nothing to do with the warning times for this storm… Please get educated before making ignorant statements…

Clearly another person who’s talking before knowing anything factual. For one thing CSWR is not a government operation they get grants from the NSF and they do pay some out of their own pockets. The main thing is, thanks to those groups and the research that was done by those groups, we have a better understanding of the winds that occur near the surface and have been able to study damage and see what wind speeds were associated with the damage. These groups are what has led to the information and understanding that has led to better tornado education and more effective warnings. So clearly you wanna take the very people who’ve been trying to research tornadoes to protect your back side to court and file lawsuits? That makes perfect sense…at least these groups produce results unlike the MAJORITY of government funded groups..

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