Does gloomy weather make you fat?

gloomyweather.jpgAccording to research published recently by the UK Telegraph (Why heavy weather makes you fat), the lack of sun during gloomy weather may reduce human production of Vitamin D and, in turn, shut off a mechanism which tells the brain when the stomach is full, resulting in weight gain:

Dieters struggling to shed a few pounds have a new excuse for failing to lose weight – the grey British weather.

Scientists claimed people who were overweight had lower levels of vitamin D, which is created when skin is exposed to sunlight.

The study found that low levels of the vitamin in blood interfered with the function of a hormone called leptin, which tells the brain when the stomach is full.

It means the nation’s waistlines are unlikely to get any slimmer this summer, with forecasters predicting more wet weather.

Researchers at Aberdeen University found that obese people produced 10 per cent less vitamin D than people of average weight. The study also found that excess body fat absorbs vitamin D, stopping it entering the bloodstream.

It has been widely accepted that the sun is the best source of vitamin D – much better than supplements, so the conclusion seems valid. Additionally:

Dr Helen MacDonald, of Aberdeen University’s department of medicine and therapeutics, said: “Obese people had less vitamin D and the link between obesity and vitamin D deficiency was statistically significant.”


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