Snow plow falls through ice; Driver in 'hot water'

A snow plow fell through the ice of the Red Lake River after sliding down an icy boat ramp in Crookston, MNA Minnesota snow plow driver will be disciplined after the $200,000 snow plow he was operating fell trough the ice of the Red Lake River in Crookston, MN.

Mike Raymond, a plow driver in Crookston, was on duty plowing riverside parking lots when he decided to plow a path through the deep snow on the boat ramp.  His intent was to clear a path to allow easier access and egress for ice fishermen who maintain ice houses on the river. The 9-ton plow slid down the steep, ice-covered ramp and momentarily onto the river ice before breaking through.   The plow became submerged in the water, rendering the plow inoperable.  A second vehicle was brought in to pull the plow from the icy river.

Raymond has taken responsibility for the mistake and is awaiting disciplinary action from the city supervisor.

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