What are the Odds of a White Christmas?

odds_of_white_christmas.jpgAround this time of year, many people begin wondering how likely a White Christmas is for their location.  The National Weather Service did a climatological study many years ago, compiling the statistical probability of a White Christmas (defined as 1″ of snow on the ground on Christmas Day – not necessarily snow fall on Christmas Day, but snow cover).  The study was done utilizing 30 years worth of data and the results were plotted, yielding the White Christmas Map.  For more information on the study that was completed which yielded this map, see the full National Climactic Data Center report.  But this map may not be representative for 2008.

Remember, this map shows the 30-year probability and is in no way contingent upon the actual weather patterns of 2008.  For a more recent map which incorporates both climatology and the weather of recent weeks as well as the Christmas week forecast, check the Weather Channel White Christmas map which is updated daily.


More:  State-specific maps:


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